2017 Shower Strike

Welcome to the Shower Strike Hall of Fame!

Well Aware is thrilled to introduce you to members of the Shower Strike Hall Of Fame! These amazing individuals have helped bring clean water to hundreds and thousands of people. Please check this page regularly as we add more successful Strikers from years past.

And- Well Aware is so excited to have them join us for Shower Strike 2017!


Years Participated

Amount Raised

Why Do You Strike?

Corinne Packer



Because I believe what makes us special as human beings, is our capacity for compassion and empathy. I'm lucky I was born in a country where I never had to worry where my next meal would come from, or where I had to walk miles every day just to find water. Turning on a tap is something we don't even think about.. but we should. Sharing what we have makes us richer, not poorer.. I wish more people understood this!!

Courtney Fatigato



I participate in the Shower Strike because it is a simple - but meaningful - way to raise awareness about one of the most important issues in our world. Well Aware is an incredibly impactful organization run by some of the most hardworking, dedicated, and selfless people. I was lucky enough to intern for Well Aware last summer, and I am honored to have the ability to help them with their life saving work again this year through the Shower Strike.